Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What should always play, but never match?

How I discovered this I’ll never know, but let’s call it intuition. In yoga we call intuition the sixth chakra. It means to know without actually knowing. You just know!

Some things in life come to us without any effort. For me it was always playing and creating with colors, textures and design.  Things catch my eye and I know somehow they will work with whatever I create. I just know that when I put things together they will play.

What should always play, but never match? The answer is a scarf. This is something I have done my whole life. I love scarves. Any outfit can be turned into a winner with the right scarf. That is so very French and I guess it comes out through my French blood. My father was French Canadian. But I never knew him, or his family. I grew up in a very provincial New England small town community.

So how did I know this little secret? I don’t know…I just know. I guess it’s my strong sixth chakra at work. A few weeks ago I read an article in a French fashion magazine that said one of the secrets of French women is that the scarf should never match the outfit. It needs to play with it, but never match it.
I glanced at my outfit. I was wearing a French scarf that I bought in a small shop in Provence. Of all the scarves I picked this one. The women in the shop told me I had very good taste and I would come to love this scarf. Every time I wear it someone comments on how nice it is. When I tell them I got it in Provence, they smile and nod. Of course, it’s French!

The leggings I saw in the window of H&M. They were $19.95! I’ve had several girls and a few women stop me and ask me where I got my leggings. They are right there in the window display in every mall. Again they caught my eye as I walked by the store. The mannequin had on a gold sweater that sort of jumped out at you, so you may have missed the leggings underneath. Try looking beneath the obvious and you may find a bargain.  
The jewelry is simple. It adds a touch of play, but does not out shine the scarf and leggings. The jewelry should keep things interesting, but blend rather than stand out. (Unless you are trying to make the jewelry the statement.) But that’s for another blog.

I searched for a year for the perfect pair of lace up booties. By chance I stumbled upon the brand Sixty Seven. Guess where I first found them? Lori’s shoes! But sadly they were out of stock. Next stop was Nordstrom’s. But the style I wanted was also out of stock. This pair was available, so I ordered them, and to my surprise I like them better than the original pair I had wanted. Order something from Nordstrom’s and they will search their inventory and deliver to your house with free shipping. Can’t find something you like? Never give up. You might find something you like even more.  

Add a black cashmere sweater and a cute black hat and everything plays. This is so French!
To me life is very much like my scarf. We’re meant to play, but never to match. Creativity is the ability to play with life, unafraid of how something looks, or what others will say or think.  Sometimes the simple things we find in the most unusual places become a great source of inspiration. Play and create, but never match. To match would be dull. Life is abut contrast. How else could we know?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Jeanome Project©

There are 6 billion people on the planet with a mass of about 100 trillion cells. Contained within these cells is DNA or the set of instructions that tell the cells how to build all of these 6 billion people. Researchers call these instructions “genome.”

When scientist mapped the human genes they found approximately 24,000. Although scientist have sequenced the human genome these instruction have not been fully understood. Humans come in many different shapes and sizes. However, we all share a similar level of DNA. This leads me to The Jeanome Project©.
When I mapped my closet I found 60 different jeans in various colors, shapes and styles!  The sequencing of how I acquired so many jeans may not appear to be easily understood, but I’m sure it can be found in my DNA.  I love jeans because they are so casual and versatile, and that is really me. That’s a lot of jeans unless of course you are someone like me who goes from workout clothes to jeans every day.
The average number of jeans that a woman owns is eight. Really? How can that be? With so many colors and so many styles are eight really enough? Scientist tell us that the genes of any two humans are 99% the same. However it is that tiny fraction of the genome that makes us different. It’s the DNA variation that makes us all unique. So I guess owning 60 jeans is just a variation in my DNA. But I don’t think I’m unique in this one. I’ll bet the average is greater than eight!

My work attire consists of workout clothes. Every day I get up and go to the gym or studio and teach yoga, dance and Spin. For me dressing up is a great pair of jeans. Besides that I live in Los Angles where jeans are the normal attire. You even find jeans at the Opera and the theatre.

When traveling anywhere in the world it is now acceptable to wear a pair of jeans to dinner as long as they are not torn. I always pack a pair of black jeans. They work for any occasion.

I can’t help myself. I have an obsession with jeans. May-be that’s because I was in the denim business many years ago or may-be it has to do with the fact that at one time in my life I owned may-be two pair of jeans. Whatever the nature of my obsession, I love jeans. So I decide to map the jeannome project by carefully creating an outfit with each pair of jeans in my closet.

Jeans come in a dizzying array of styles and colors. There are slim style, baggie style, skinny style, Capri style and distressed style. But, every pair contains the same instructions only changed by that 1% of personal style. So how do outfits know whether to go slim or baggie? The answer lies in the jeanetic switch. Pick your jeans and the outfit evolves!

Genes are defined “(in informal use)  as a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring.”
Is that what jeans really are to me? Some kind of unit that gets transferred into a determining characteristic and a new outfit arrives? Yes, that is it! That’s why I love my jeans. Each outfit adds a slight variation, but the original is never lost.

Follow along with me as I approach The Jenanome Project.  Sixty pairs of jeans and counting, I’ll attempt to create sixty plus and counting outfits. Perhaps somewhere is the maze of jeans you’ll find a little inspiration of your own. How many jeans do you own? I’d love to know. We’re working off the honor system so accurately count and share your jean mapping with me.

Here is Francine my muse. She is a work in process.  Sometimes the creations are spot on and sometime they miss a beat. But as long as we keep creating there will be life, there will be art and there will be jeans to map Welcome to the Jeanome Project! Support an artist. It’s good for the soul.

What’s next?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Story

Over thirty-six years ago I had a dream and a passion. But I was a young single mother with no money, two young children and basic education with no skills. With great determination I set out to accomplish my life’s mission. It began with finishing my education. The second most important thing was raising my children. Next I wanted to live out my passions; yoga, fitness, dance and health, creating styles and playing with fashion, traveling the world and finding my soul mate. Wow that was a hefty load for a young women living in rural Maine with no money.

I remember sitting alone in my kitchen drinking coffee and dreaming about the day when I would realize my dreams. To me they were real and not unattainable. Many good meaning folks told me not to dream so big. Settle down and live a comfortable and simple life. But I could not let go of my dreams. So rather than take the easy road I set myself up for struggle and tremendous work.
I was told I would never be a good fitness instructor. Yoga was too farfetched and weird. The world was a big place. It is better to stay close to home. I was told I had no talent when it came to fashion and design. (However in college I got A’s in design and art).

Over the course of thirty-six years I experienced failure, loneliness, disappointment, hardship, a bout with cancer, loss of a love, pain and poverty. But something inside of me kept burning. It was the desire to keep going no matter what. I was determined to achieve my goals.
I am now sixty-one. I am living my dreams. I married a wonderful man who is truly my soul mate. Together we have traveled the world. I have become a well respected yoga, Spin and dance teacher. I have written books and made videos that have been sold throughout the world. I went into the garment business, created a line of clothing and sold it into major department stores.

 I am now about to embark upon making my Aero*boga DVD and publishing its companion book. It is about a vision that is backed with desire and acted upon with persistency and consistency until  finally achieved. From this I have found an outlet for my passion for clothing and style. I created F La Mode a site where I feature my designs, styles and travels through my collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other stuff.
For years I walked around Los Angeles with strangers coming up to me and complementing me on my style. Friends and acquaintances would tell me, “You need to do something with your style; it’s so unique and interesting.”  Frustrated I couldn't find an outlet until one day a friend began to copy my work by posting pictures of my style and taking credit. It inspired me to move forward and take my style to another level. I will always be grateful for a mishap that inspired me to jump and take a leap of faith.

It took me thirty-six years to realize my dreams. Nothing in life comes easy or fast. If it does it probably won’t last. (Sounds like a poem). What I have learned is that if you hold to your dreams with a burning desire no matter how many times you get disappointed, rejected or led down  the wrong road you will always take some action either knowingly or unknowingly that will lead you to your destination.

Life has a funny way of taking away from you what you don’t need and replacing it with what you need more. We can’t always see it. Often we belabor over what is lost at the expense of seeing what we have gained.

Support an artist. It’s good for the soul. Angels have big wings so they can soar. Find your wings and fly!

Doctor Lynn

Sunday, March 9, 2014

No Cocktail Dress

Here is the outfit that won out. It was very appropriate for a conservative luncheon wedding and one that also presented me with a number of challenges. Anyone who knows me knows that from time to time my life does become a challenge. My motto has always been to dress classy and respectful. Be first a lady and do it with style.
The dress was only $79.00, but it felt and looked great. The wedding is over and the two twenty-seven year old promised to love and care for each other (bride and groom) for the rest of their lives. I wish them the best of luck and thank them for bringing me into a situation that called upon me to remain calm and poised and allowed me the luxury of making a new friend.
If you listen your soul will always tell you which way to go and which dress to wear- it’s appropriate!

Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Cocktail Dress

I need to back up a bit. Just before I retreated back to my closet I went on the internet to see what Guess had for dresses. The dresses are cute, simple and inexpensive. May-be just buy a simple black dress? I found a couple and showed them to my husband. There was one he really liked. It is a blue simple knit, well fitting short dress. It was only $79.00 with free shipping. I could return it if I didn't like it and if push came to shove it would work for a luncheon wedding.

Now remember this is March in LA and it is still cold. So I can’t wear a sleeveless flowering sundress.

 Then the blue dress arrives. It is simple, but a great color. Sort of an eggplant blue. I dig out a pair of designer shoes that I scored on E-bay years ago. These shoes were a work of art, one of a kind. However, they happen to be incredibly cute and very comfortable. I also tried a pair of crazy wild shoes that I got at a designer discount store for $20.00. Those little shoe boots are really cute, but I think the ankle straps are better. I changed the black stocking to a light grey. Then the jewelry. First I took out my Guess beads that I bought in a small Guess boutique I found in Prague. Prague by the way is a haven for shopping. The necklace matches the dress and the shoes. I like this outfit! Earrings are simple George Jenson and the bracelets are a mix and match of crystal and silver. I make a quick change just to see if my necklace of tiny crystals that my husband bought for me in Japan works better with the dress. Now I’m in a dilemma because both necklaces match and look great. I can do anything with this dress and it looks great. Thank you Guess!
So here I sit with four days to go until the luncheon wedding without a cocktail dress, but easily three outfits, depending upon my mood, I can wear. What will it be?  

 Doctor lynn

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No Cocktail Dress

So I take the dress from my closet and begin to create an outfit. I pull out these shoes. The color matches my dress and they are both dressy enough and comfortable enough to wear to a wedding. The shoes at a wedding are very important. They need to look so cute that they appear to be uncomfortable, but actually are very comfortable. That’s the perfect shoe. With black panty hose, the dress and the shoes work. But alas it is sleeveless so I add my Alice Abrams lace shirt that is also one of a kind. I got this from the designer when I was in Prague.  “Hi Alice. Thanks! “. Look at how it picks up the color of the dress and how beautiful the lace looks on the back where the neck Vees.
If you look carefully you will see that the dress has red threads coming down from the seams. It is part of the dress. Rather than cut off the thread when done with the seams  the designer continued weaving the thread and let it hang from the hem. If you look somewhere else on the outfit you will see something red. It’s wooden, vintage and simple. Just a hint and a surprise to tie it all together.
I did add some bling. The gold necklace is from Venice Italy. My husband bought it for me when we were dating. The earrings are Judith Ripka, another gift from my husband. Someday I’ll tell you about the earrings and you’ll understand one of the reasons why my husband loves me so much. I add a simple dress purse that I bought in second hand shop years ago. I think this is it.
 Then the blue dress arrives.

Doctor Lynn

Monday, March 3, 2014

No cocktail dress for me!

I’m invited to a morning/luncheon wedding. This of course calls for dressy, but not formal attire. The answer is a simple cocktail dress of which I own known. It has been far too many years sense I wore a cocktail dress. Determined not to spend money I decide to see what I could create from my closet full of what I call a mixture of artsy, usual pieces that rarely find their way out into the light of day or the beat of the night. It’s just not my lifestyle to attend dress up functions. I’m a jeans and workout girl.
A silk French blouse, black legging pants, a one of a kind artistic wrap skirt, a cinch belt, a vintage purse, pair of Nine West shoes that are soooo comfortable and real gold bling! She’s French, off beat and free from the dictates of the norm. Nothing in poor taste and nothing too over stated. Simple and yet complex – two forces of nature colliding together; the dark reaches of my closet and the light of the day.

My husband loves it, but thinks it a bit too much of a statement for this kind of a wedding. So in despair I retreat back to my closet. I dig and I dig and suddenly I come across a one of a kind dress that I bought in a boutique just outside of Santa Fee. It was a small shop owned by a couple of designers. They also could sew their own clothes and made everything one of a kind right there in the boutique. So I bought this dress because the girls and my husband convinced me it was a dress made for me.
Dress to follow....

Doctor Lynn