Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Story

Over thirty-six years ago I had a dream and a passion. But I was a young single mother with no money, two young children and basic education with no skills. With great determination I set out to accomplish my life’s mission. It began with finishing my education. The second most important thing was raising my children. Next I wanted to live out my passions; yoga, fitness, dance and health, creating styles and playing with fashion, traveling the world and finding my soul mate. Wow that was a hefty load for a young women living in rural Maine with no money.

I remember sitting alone in my kitchen drinking coffee and dreaming about the day when I would realize my dreams. To me they were real and not unattainable. Many good meaning folks told me not to dream so big. Settle down and live a comfortable and simple life. But I could not let go of my dreams. So rather than take the easy road I set myself up for struggle and tremendous work.
I was told I would never be a good fitness instructor. Yoga was too farfetched and weird. The world was a big place. It is better to stay close to home. I was told I had no talent when it came to fashion and design. (However in college I got A’s in design and art).

Over the course of thirty-six years I experienced failure, loneliness, disappointment, hardship, a bout with cancer, loss of a love, pain and poverty. But something inside of me kept burning. It was the desire to keep going no matter what. I was determined to achieve my goals.
I am now sixty-one. I am living my dreams. I married a wonderful man who is truly my soul mate. Together we have traveled the world. I have become a well respected yoga, Spin and dance teacher. I have written books and made videos that have been sold throughout the world. I went into the garment business, created a line of clothing and sold it into major department stores.

 I am now about to embark upon making my Aero*boga DVD and publishing its companion book. It is about a vision that is backed with desire and acted upon with persistency and consistency until  finally achieved. From this I have found an outlet for my passion for clothing and style. I created F La Mode a site where I feature my designs, styles and travels through my collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other stuff.
For years I walked around Los Angeles with strangers coming up to me and complementing me on my style. Friends and acquaintances would tell me, “You need to do something with your style; it’s so unique and interesting.”  Frustrated I couldn't find an outlet until one day a friend began to copy my work by posting pictures of my style and taking credit. It inspired me to move forward and take my style to another level. I will always be grateful for a mishap that inspired me to jump and take a leap of faith.

It took me thirty-six years to realize my dreams. Nothing in life comes easy or fast. If it does it probably won’t last. (Sounds like a poem). What I have learned is that if you hold to your dreams with a burning desire no matter how many times you get disappointed, rejected or led down  the wrong road you will always take some action either knowingly or unknowingly that will lead you to your destination.

Life has a funny way of taking away from you what you don’t need and replacing it with what you need more. We can’t always see it. Often we belabor over what is lost at the expense of seeing what we have gained.

Support an artist. It’s good for the soul. Angels have big wings so they can soar. Find your wings and fly!

Doctor Lynn

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