Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Sneak Peek

Aero*boga has been over six years in the making, and about eight months of putting together the right team. We’re now ready to shoot the new Aero*boga DVD. Follow along as I share with you some of the inside details and behind the scenes events that have made this project possible.
First it began with a tremendous setback, diagnosed with cancer, surgery and a long recovery. Everything in life has a flip side and if you let it every setback has the opportunity to inspire you to grow and heal. This setback was the inspiration for Aero*boga- the way of the heart.
It is my strong belief that health and relationships are the most important things in life. Value and honor them for without them life ceases to exist.
Over the six plus years, as I was developing Aero*boga, I made plenty of mistakes and did a few retakes. But I kept the vision, even when it seemed I might fail. Why? Because I learned a long time ago that from here to there is never a straight line. There are always many curves and bumps along the way. Failure is the inability to try. There is no such thing as failure as long as you try with your heart and hurt no one along the way.
We are shooting in three days. This afternoon is rehearsal. I need to go over my lines. The cast is picked, the set is ready, the wardrobe has been chosen and now it’s up to me to make it happen.
Here is sneak peek at the wardrobe.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Like Your Style - A Smile a Wink and a Nod!

The other day Francine went to the gym. She goes everyday even when she is not teaching because it is good for the body, the mind and the soul. Three days a week she lifts weights. The main purpose is to tone and sculpt, but it also offers other benefits. Sitting at a machine pumping iron also allows a quiet moment to yourself and a chance to look around the gym and people watch. Believe me I’ve seen some strange things happening in the weight room!
On this day Francine decide to be an angel. Actually the angel sweatshirt matched the pants and the shoes and it all seemed to go together in one swoop. Some days are like that and some days it’s a struggle to get dressed. You know…the days when you look into your closet full of clothes, but you have nothing to wear!
I’m not big on wearing logos, but the sweatshirt was on sale and it was the right weight for running to the gym. I needed new underwear so on my trip to Victoria Secret I picked it up and before I knew it I was out the door with my angel shirt. It is just the right weight, comfy and cute.
The tights I love!  Bought them from Skinny Tees, which is a great company. It’s a small business owned and run by a woman. I’m doing a project and Linda took the time to personally call me and help me. http://www.skinnytees.com/
The grey tank top came for Ross for Less. Don’t over look the discount stores. I’ve bought some really cute stuff at Ross. Ross happens to be on the way to the gym. When I walk to the gym I sometimes can’t resist the urge to grab a bargain.
The shoes are from my favorite online shoe store. Lori’s shoes has the best and the cutest. Again this is owned by Lori a woman entrepreneur. Check it out http://www.lorisshoes.com   this is where I first discovered Jeffery Campbell shoes which are one of my obsessions.
Now I’m wearing my outfit, working on tightening my butt and across the room I notice a nice looking young black man watching me. He’s really cute and really built. He smiles and I smile back. Soon I move to another machine. He walks across the room leans in next to me and says with a wink and a nod,” I really like your style.” I smiled and said, “Thank you, I’m flattered.”
Now I’m old enough to be his mother. He really made my day. With just a smile, a wink and a nod my little angles wings were a flutter and I was flying all day long!
So the moral of the story is this – you never know who will see you. A Skinny Tee, Jeffery‘s shoes and an angels heart might just get you a little flirting and a little fun. What girl, no matter what the age, doesn’t like a little attention? We all love it, so smile, wink and nod because when it is all said and done we all need a n Angle’s heart, a geometric design (free form) and a great pair of shoes to get us through the day. Support an artist-it’s good for the soul.     http://www.facebook.com/DrLynnAnderson

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh Canada- We Love Your Wool and Your Rodents.

One of my favorite places in North America is the Quebec Providence of Canada. It is quiet, appearing to be set apart from the world, but ever so sophisticated. Both cities of Quebec and Montreal have a fairytale eloquence that almost transcends time; especially Quebec. It is north of my homeland of Maine. As a child it was my first trip outside the USA. In those days we traveled by car, navigating the rough and rural roads of Maine that led to the boarder and across to Quebec.  Then we had several hours more to drive more through the rural and rough roads of Quebec Providence to get to Quebec City.
I was young, so I remembered very little about the trip. But I did know they have the most beautiful Ice Festival and a delicious maple syrup season, as well as delicious local fresh food, warm furs and very stylish and unique designers.  There is a sophisticated style in Quebec (after all they are French).
My husband and I decide to take a trip to Quebec the week before Christmas. We had traveled to New York for a visit so decide to then take a plane and hop up to Quebec City. As we flew across the border and closer to the City, the plane flew rather low so that we could see the sites. There were none accept a dense forest covered with snow. It was barren of human life. This was the wilderness and it was beautiful.
Arriving in Quebec City we stepped into the coldest weather I have ever experienced. (Remember I’m from Maine, so I can deal with cold). But really this was colder than a witch’s you know what! We had long underwear, wool sweaters and wool coats, but still the cold bit through to the bone.
We went to our hotel which was a lovely boutique hotel with lots of art. The Floor in the bathroom of our hotel was heated and the bed had lots of down comforters to keep us warm.  Cozy and sophisticated we settled in and began to plan our jaunt around Quebec City.
After unpacking we headed out into the streets to see the City. Along the way (actually, every other shop) were fur stores. We began to stop into each store, not to buy a fur, but to get warm. It was so bitter cold you could only walk outside for a short time.  So, in each store I tried on furs while my husband sat and warmed his hands, feet and entire body.
You may not like the wearing of furs, but I do need to tell you, if you lived in an environment like Quebec you might change your mind. Just a side note – in Montreal I attend a Yoga therapist conference. One of the girls I met was from Quebec. She wore a really cute fur vest. I commented on her vest and she thanked me. We had lunch together and she mentioned she was a vegetarian. So I asked, “If you are a vegetarian, how can you wear a fur?” She explained that it was so cold in Quebec that everybody wears furs. She bought the fur to keep warm, but not the animal to eat. Because I had been to Quebec, I totally got what she was saying.
Now back to Quebec and my shopping trip. It is here in Quebec that I first heard the name F-La Mode. https://www.facebook.com/Andla123
According to the boutique owners in Quebec, it means, to heck with fashion it’s all about style.    I wandered into one of the small boutique where I found the designer, seamstress and sales person all working together. They were making the sweater you see on Francine. It is a handmade original sweater with a muskrat collar and cuffs. “A muskrat”, you ask?!  Yes, I asked the same thing. Seems they are used for a lot of cheaper furs in Quebec. A muskrat is a rodent.  It is a semi aquatic species native to North America.  And it is a resource of food and fur for humans. Yes, people do eat roasted muskrat! I haven’t tried it, but they say it is good.
So, I bought the sweater. Each time I put it on I think about the fact that I am wearing a rat around my neck and on my cuffs. It is warm, not as soft as mink, but I get why it’s widely used throughout Quebec. It’s warm and it’s cheap, and you can roast the little rodents!
The hat I bought in Montreal. It has a tiny piece of beaver fur which is also widely used in Quebec for warmth and happens to be a rodent just like the muskrat. I have eaten beaver stew, but that’s another story.  I love berets, but always feel a little overly French in one; however when I wear it someone always tells me they like it. Montreal also had some beautiful furs, as well as, sweaters, hats and stylish cold weather clothes.  Quebec Providence is a land of survival and style mixed into a look that is so warm, it makes you want to live there .But I’m from Southern California where these clothes can look a little over the top. Wait…I’m from La La Land where girls wear Uggs with shorts and anything goes. So what do I care…, I’m wearing my rodents and I’m staying warm!
Support an artist even if they use rodents and wool. It’s good for your soul.
Doctor Lynn

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Off to Aero*boga - time to recycle

If there is one habit you should make it is to dance and do yoga. Why? Because both yoga and dance have been scientifically proven to benefit your health in body, mind and soul. Aero*boga combines both, as well as, a program that will bring you success and fitness to the body, the mind and the soul. It is about finding your passion, participating fully in life and realizing a dream. It begins with the formula for success. Follow along as Doctor Lynn and Francine take Aero*boga on a journey that promises to reveal to you the secret to finding happiness. It’s right in front of you. The problem is we can’t always see it because of all the self imposed obstacles that get in our way.
Francine is a passion, a creation, a piece of art. She is the essence of happiness. Every piece she is wearing has a story. Can you guess which pieces are recycled? Which ones were found on sale and what is so comfortable they could be worn all day? 
The grey Theory shirt was found at a second hand shop in Sarasota Florida when I was visiting my best friend Tish. If you ever go to Sarasota, believe me they have the best secondhand shops. The earrings are Nespresso coffee cups, recycled by an artist I found in Provence. She was housed in a small room no bigger than a closet. It is here that she both made her recycled jewelry and sold them. She took me inside and showed me how she made the earrings. I’ve seen them around, but nobody has the little special touch that made her earrings so unique. Her secret stays with me! Support an artist. It’s good for the soul.
The blue (turquoise) bracelet was found in a small shop at Lake Bellagio Italy. Nice little town with interesting shops and strange food. My husband and I always like to eat local food. The most local food of this region is donkey. So we gave it a try. Very tough and not very good. But how many people can say they ate donkey stew when in Italy? The bracelet I found in a basket near the cash register of a leather belt shop. The belts were handmade Italian. The artist took the left over leather and made bracelets. So of course I bought this one. I think it cost $10.00!
The boots are Gee WaWa which are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. They are my go to for comfort. Vest Athleta – on sale of course and the tights are from Skinny Tees.
What does this have to do with Aero*boga? What happens when the self imposed obstacles are removed? Try recycling an idea. Stay tuned things are about to happen!
It’s a New Year!

Doctor Lynn