Thursday, January 16, 2014

Like Your Style - A Smile a Wink and a Nod!

The other day Francine went to the gym. She goes everyday even when she is not teaching because it is good for the body, the mind and the soul. Three days a week she lifts weights. The main purpose is to tone and sculpt, but it also offers other benefits. Sitting at a machine pumping iron also allows a quiet moment to yourself and a chance to look around the gym and people watch. Believe me I’ve seen some strange things happening in the weight room!
On this day Francine decide to be an angel. Actually the angel sweatshirt matched the pants and the shoes and it all seemed to go together in one swoop. Some days are like that and some days it’s a struggle to get dressed. You know…the days when you look into your closet full of clothes, but you have nothing to wear!
I’m not big on wearing logos, but the sweatshirt was on sale and it was the right weight for running to the gym. I needed new underwear so on my trip to Victoria Secret I picked it up and before I knew it I was out the door with my angel shirt. It is just the right weight, comfy and cute.
The tights I love!  Bought them from Skinny Tees, which is a great company. It’s a small business owned and run by a woman. I’m doing a project and Linda took the time to personally call me and help me.
The grey tank top came for Ross for Less. Don’t over look the discount stores. I’ve bought some really cute stuff at Ross. Ross happens to be on the way to the gym. When I walk to the gym I sometimes can’t resist the urge to grab a bargain.
The shoes are from my favorite online shoe store. Lori’s shoes has the best and the cutest. Again this is owned by Lori a woman entrepreneur. Check it out   this is where I first discovered Jeffery Campbell shoes which are one of my obsessions.
Now I’m wearing my outfit, working on tightening my butt and across the room I notice a nice looking young black man watching me. He’s really cute and really built. He smiles and I smile back. Soon I move to another machine. He walks across the room leans in next to me and says with a wink and a nod,” I really like your style.” I smiled and said, “Thank you, I’m flattered.”
Now I’m old enough to be his mother. He really made my day. With just a smile, a wink and a nod my little angles wings were a flutter and I was flying all day long!
So the moral of the story is this – you never know who will see you. A Skinny Tee, Jeffery‘s shoes and an angels heart might just get you a little flirting and a little fun. What girl, no matter what the age, doesn’t like a little attention? We all love it, so smile, wink and nod because when it is all said and done we all need a n Angle’s heart, a geometric design (free form) and a great pair of shoes to get us through the day. Support an artist-it’s good for the soul.

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