Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Off to Aero*boga - time to recycle

If there is one habit you should make it is to dance and do yoga. Why? Because both yoga and dance have been scientifically proven to benefit your health in body, mind and soul. Aero*boga combines both, as well as, a program that will bring you success and fitness to the body, the mind and the soul. It is about finding your passion, participating fully in life and realizing a dream. It begins with the formula for success. Follow along as Doctor Lynn and Francine take Aero*boga on a journey that promises to reveal to you the secret to finding happiness. It’s right in front of you. The problem is we can’t always see it because of all the self imposed obstacles that get in our way.
Francine is a passion, a creation, a piece of art. She is the essence of happiness. Every piece she is wearing has a story. Can you guess which pieces are recycled? Which ones were found on sale and what is so comfortable they could be worn all day? 
The grey Theory shirt was found at a second hand shop in Sarasota Florida when I was visiting my best friend Tish. If you ever go to Sarasota, believe me they have the best secondhand shops. The earrings are Nespresso coffee cups, recycled by an artist I found in Provence. She was housed in a small room no bigger than a closet. It is here that she both made her recycled jewelry and sold them. She took me inside and showed me how she made the earrings. I’ve seen them around, but nobody has the little special touch that made her earrings so unique. Her secret stays with me! Support an artist. It’s good for the soul.
The blue (turquoise) bracelet was found in a small shop at Lake Bellagio Italy. Nice little town with interesting shops and strange food. My husband and I always like to eat local food. The most local food of this region is donkey. So we gave it a try. Very tough and not very good. But how many people can say they ate donkey stew when in Italy? The bracelet I found in a basket near the cash register of a leather belt shop. The belts were handmade Italian. The artist took the left over leather and made bracelets. So of course I bought this one. I think it cost $10.00!
The boots are Gee WaWa which are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. They are my go to for comfort. Vest Athleta – on sale of course and the tights are from Skinny Tees.
What does this have to do with Aero*boga? What happens when the self imposed obstacles are removed? Try recycling an idea. Stay tuned things are about to happen!
It’s a New Year!

Doctor Lynn   

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