Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Hollywood Holiday Party Dress

I’ve only worn this dress a few times. Once I wore it to a swanky Hollywood birthday party and once to an evening wedding. But it has a story. I was walking down the back streets of Prague (this sounds like a J. Peterman catalog) and I stumbled upon a small boutique. Inside was a basket of clothes thrown together with a for sale sign over head. The clothes were from a runway show by a designer named Alice Abraham. The sales person quickly spied me and ran to help me find something interesting to wear. She sized me up and decided I was the right size for a great dress that was a one of a kind.  This dress had been made for a runway show. Short, cute, sassy and it fit! I can’t remember the price, but it was very reasonable, so I bought it. The only problem with this dress is that my lifestyle does not give me the opportunity to wear it. However it makes me feel great every time I see it and think that I have a one of a kind designer runway dress.
Chartreuse lining adds a great pop to the dress. It playfully peaks out underneath the skirt, so flirtatiously asking for accessories to match. The shoes have the same contrasting chartreuse color. But the shoes are another story and were not bought with the intention of matching the dress. Some times in life things come together and match from faraway places. That is why you should always be open for opportunities.
I was sitting in a café in Athens Greece eating Karidopita, a moist flavorful Greek walnut cake that is flavored with cinnamon and bathed in sweet syrup. Trust me this cake was worth every bite! Along the boardwalk and amongst the cafes the Greek women strolled by, everyone wearing silver strap sandals with various colors. I saw a green pair and they caught my eye. I quickly finished my cake and said to my husband, “I need to go shoe shopping.” He’s such a good guy. He took me to about five shoes stores before I found the right pair. I love these shoes. They are comfortable and cute, and to my surprise they match my dress!
The earrings are cheap costume bobbles that I bought one day because I liked the colors and knew they would go with anything. The green and the blue pop out and match the dress. The green crystal bracelet was bought in a shop in Beverly Hills for twenty dollars. The black and blue crystal necklaces were bought on sale. One day I passed a small boutique in West Hollywood as we were going to a small restaurant we like to frequent. He had a big for sale sign, so of course I had to go in the shop. He was having a closeout sale. The crystals were half price so a snagged four strands. To this day I regret I did not buy more as crystal have a way of working with any outfit.
The shawl is about thirty years old. I bought it one day on sale in a Marshal’s. It’s not warm and only serves as decoration, but sometimes a girl just has to have a little fringe and sparkle. So I will probably keep it another thirty or so years.
Every time I look at this dress I smile and see my husband and I wondering down the streets of Prague. You never know what you will find in life when you allow yourself to wander without a plan. It is the surprises that usually delight us the most. Alice Abraham is now my friend on Facebook. Check her out. She is edgy and creative. Boost an artist. Especially the ones who dare to be daring!   I hope Alice sees this…her dress made it all the way to Hollywood!
Happy New Year!

Doctor Lynn

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