Saturday, December 7, 2013


Ever look into a mirror and ask yourself – who is that person, where has she been and what has she been doing or being? What has she done, and what is it she has not? As my birthday approaches all too soon (OMG they seem to come faster and faster as I get slower and slower), I’m not sure about this woman looking back at me. Seems last I saw her she was a bit younger.
In yoga we reflect, not to be seen, but to slip beneath the surface of everyday life and learn to glimpse each moment of life and the passage of time, as not depletion, but as a replenishing of that which is leaving, with that which is much wiser.
Time is relative. Einstein told us so… So as I look again at my reflection in the mirror, I smile, wink and nod to myself – Aging…it happens to all of us! So I better get busy and start doing the things I have not done yet!

Doctor Lynn

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