Monday, March 3, 2014

No cocktail dress for me!

I’m invited to a morning/luncheon wedding. This of course calls for dressy, but not formal attire. The answer is a simple cocktail dress of which I own known. It has been far too many years sense I wore a cocktail dress. Determined not to spend money I decide to see what I could create from my closet full of what I call a mixture of artsy, usual pieces that rarely find their way out into the light of day or the beat of the night. It’s just not my lifestyle to attend dress up functions. I’m a jeans and workout girl.
A silk French blouse, black legging pants, a one of a kind artistic wrap skirt, a cinch belt, a vintage purse, pair of Nine West shoes that are soooo comfortable and real gold bling! She’s French, off beat and free from the dictates of the norm. Nothing in poor taste and nothing too over stated. Simple and yet complex – two forces of nature colliding together; the dark reaches of my closet and the light of the day.

My husband loves it, but thinks it a bit too much of a statement for this kind of a wedding. So in despair I retreat back to my closet. I dig and I dig and suddenly I come across a one of a kind dress that I bought in a boutique just outside of Santa Fee. It was a small shop owned by a couple of designers. They also could sew their own clothes and made everything one of a kind right there in the boutique. So I bought this dress because the girls and my husband convinced me it was a dress made for me.
Dress to follow....

Doctor Lynn

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