Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Cocktail Dress

I need to back up a bit. Just before I retreated back to my closet I went on the internet to see what Guess had for dresses. The dresses are cute, simple and inexpensive. May-be just buy a simple black dress? I found a couple and showed them to my husband. There was one he really liked. It is a blue simple knit, well fitting short dress. It was only $79.00 with free shipping. I could return it if I didn't like it and if push came to shove it would work for a luncheon wedding.

Now remember this is March in LA and it is still cold. So I can’t wear a sleeveless flowering sundress.

 Then the blue dress arrives. It is simple, but a great color. Sort of an eggplant blue. I dig out a pair of designer shoes that I scored on E-bay years ago. These shoes were a work of art, one of a kind. However, they happen to be incredibly cute and very comfortable. I also tried a pair of crazy wild shoes that I got at a designer discount store for $20.00. Those little shoe boots are really cute, but I think the ankle straps are better. I changed the black stocking to a light grey. Then the jewelry. First I took out my Guess beads that I bought in a small Guess boutique I found in Prague. Prague by the way is a haven for shopping. The necklace matches the dress and the shoes. I like this outfit! Earrings are simple George Jenson and the bracelets are a mix and match of crystal and silver. I make a quick change just to see if my necklace of tiny crystals that my husband bought for me in Japan works better with the dress. Now I’m in a dilemma because both necklaces match and look great. I can do anything with this dress and it looks great. Thank you Guess!
So here I sit with four days to go until the luncheon wedding without a cocktail dress, but easily three outfits, depending upon my mood, I can wear. What will it be?  

 Doctor lynn

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