Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What should always play, but never match?

How I discovered this I’ll never know, but let’s call it intuition. In yoga we call intuition the sixth chakra. It means to know without actually knowing. You just know!

Some things in life come to us without any effort. For me it was always playing and creating with colors, textures and design.  Things catch my eye and I know somehow they will work with whatever I create. I just know that when I put things together they will play.

What should always play, but never match? The answer is a scarf. This is something I have done my whole life. I love scarves. Any outfit can be turned into a winner with the right scarf. That is so very French and I guess it comes out through my French blood. My father was French Canadian. But I never knew him, or his family. I grew up in a very provincial New England small town community.

So how did I know this little secret? I don’t know…I just know. I guess it’s my strong sixth chakra at work. A few weeks ago I read an article in a French fashion magazine that said one of the secrets of French women is that the scarf should never match the outfit. It needs to play with it, but never match it.
I glanced at my outfit. I was wearing a French scarf that I bought in a small shop in Provence. Of all the scarves I picked this one. The women in the shop told me I had very good taste and I would come to love this scarf. Every time I wear it someone comments on how nice it is. When I tell them I got it in Provence, they smile and nod. Of course, it’s French!

The leggings I saw in the window of H&M. They were $19.95! I’ve had several girls and a few women stop me and ask me where I got my leggings. They are right there in the window display in every mall. Again they caught my eye as I walked by the store. The mannequin had on a gold sweater that sort of jumped out at you, so you may have missed the leggings underneath. Try looking beneath the obvious and you may find a bargain.  
The jewelry is simple. It adds a touch of play, but does not out shine the scarf and leggings. The jewelry should keep things interesting, but blend rather than stand out. (Unless you are trying to make the jewelry the statement.) But that’s for another blog.

I searched for a year for the perfect pair of lace up booties. By chance I stumbled upon the brand Sixty Seven. Guess where I first found them? Lori’s shoes! But sadly they were out of stock. Next stop was Nordstrom’s. But the style I wanted was also out of stock. This pair was available, so I ordered them, and to my surprise I like them better than the original pair I had wanted. Order something from Nordstrom’s and they will search their inventory and deliver to your house with free shipping. Can’t find something you like? Never give up. You might find something you like even more.  

Add a black cashmere sweater and a cute black hat and everything plays. This is so French!
To me life is very much like my scarf. We’re meant to play, but never to match. Creativity is the ability to play with life, unafraid of how something looks, or what others will say or think.  Sometimes the simple things we find in the most unusual places become a great source of inspiration. Play and create, but never match. To match would be dull. Life is abut contrast. How else could we know?

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