Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Iguassu Falls Meet Emillo Pucci

On a trip to South America we went to Iguassu Falls, Argentina. There is a Brazilian side, but we were told the Argentine was the best. It did not disappoint us. The falls are magnificent. However, to get there is quite a journey as there is nothing much around the fall area. It is mostly protected, as it should be.
The only place to stay is a Sheraton that has a total lock on the tourist trade. They only allow so many people into the falls. The Sheraton is the only hotel located inside the National Park. It is either stay here or stay in Puerto Igazu and take a bus to the park entrance. From the Sheraton you walk across the grounds and right into the falls. It is private entrance for those who stay at the hotel. So we stayed in a room that looked out over the falls. We walked across the resort yard and onto the many bridges and causeways that surround the falls. It was magical and energizing. The sound, the smile, the sight, and the feel of the cool misty air left you in awe, as you took in a breath taking view of one of the world’s most beautiful sights. It truly humbles you to see, feel and hear the power of nature.
While staying at the Sheraton we decided to venture out by cab to the nearest town, which is Puerto igazu.  The hotel called us a cab and we ventured off for a local dinner.  I can’t remember what we had to eat, but I do remember the town. It was small, rural and poor. There were very few restaurants and only a  couple of local shops. However, at the end of a street there was a small shop that sold stones that had been mined from the quarries near the falls. They had taken some of the stones and turned them into rings. The choice was very hard, but I settled on this blue stone. I have no idea what it is, but I loved the  grain that ran through it. It is sort of salmon and white mixed into the soft blue. I believe I paid $30.00 for it.
When I travel and I find interesting things I often think about how much something like this would sell for in Barney’s. Easily I could add another zero!
To my surprise it matched my Emillo Pucci scarf. I found this on eBay for about $25.00. Every girl should own a little Pucci. Head to toe Pucci can be a bit much, however with the geometric designs coming back in  style a vintage Pucci piece might be worth a trip to e-Bay.
Stacking two pair of earrings creates a fun design. The silver ones are by Georg Jensen. A Danish designer, his jewelry is simple, but elegant. In front I put a pair of crystal earrings that I bought in Maine from a boutique called Abacus. It’s been in Portland Maine for many years. They support artist mostly from the Northeast East. When in Maine, which I am at least once a year, I stop in and on more than one occasion have bought a piece of wearable art.
I am drawn to certain things. I am seduced by colors, designs, shapes and blends. We all get drawn into the seduction of life. If you are lucky enough you will capture a moment of beauty, find something that helps you to hold that memory, and then you will use those things to find and create your passion. Inspiration comes when you least expect it. One day you buy a stone ring and years later you mix it with a Pucci scarf, and artisan earrings, and you smile with joy. It humbles you to see and feel the power of creation all around you; past, present and future.  

Support an artist- it’s good for the soul.
Doctor Lynn

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